Our Services

EMA Consulting provides complex range of services. Based on project cycles it assists mainly in environmental and social components analyses. In more specific the area of expertise includes:

Environmental sector

  • Environmental baseline studies & reports (all natural components);
  • Identifying the environmental & social standards and procedures relevant to the project;
  • Assisting the preparation of the documentation for environmental permitting procedures;
  • Conducting site survey in pre-feasibility and environmental studies in the feasibility study;
  • Environmental Impact Assessment of the projects & investments;
  • Strategic Environmental Assessment of planning documents;
  • Preparation of environmental management plans;
  • Training and assistance of the clients ’staff to build “know-how” for project environmental and social management;
  • Preparation and implementation of the environmental rehabilitation plans;
  • Waste & Pollution prevention &management
  • Biodiversity protection and enhancement;
  • Environmental impact monitoring & compliance of the projects;
  • Environmental and Social Due Diligence
  • Environmental advocacy

Social & economic sector

  • Social baseline research & surveys (data collection, questionnaire and statistical analyses);
  • Social Impact Assessment of projects based on International Guidelines (IFC/WB);
  • Evaluation of the social and economic impacts of the projects;
  • Public awareness and hearings for project & investments;
  • Implementation the social engagement procedures for projects
  • Guiding in public information disclose procedures;
  • Stakeholder engagement for the performance of the projects & investments;
  • Assistance to meet the environmental & social criteria for investments loans;
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